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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

Your stuff in one place.
The list of anything.

Organize. Control.  #Declutter.

Download the app on iPhone or Android.


Understand what matters the most

Don't accumulate more than you need.

Fast fashion, sentimental stuff, what else?

Use the app to create categories and start adding items. Once done, you'll get a clear view of what is in and what must go out.

Never accumulate beyond your needs

A gorgeous dashboard shows your purchase patterns, regrets and excess while notifying you whenever your accumulate more than you need.

Get inspired by others like you

Discover other people's public inventories and learn from them.

Get in contact easy.

Ask. Find out more from the people that value their gear.

Direct chat

Got your eyes on something you wish to purchase in the near future? Ask people who already use something similar if you should do it or not.

Community forum

Crowd wisdom is unbeatable and there are a lot of strong values that keep comunity united. Join group discussions on interesting topics.

They may need what you don't

Your clutter can be others' must-have stuff. Sell, swap or donate it through the app.


Search what other people in your area are willing to sell or swap or donate.


Save products that might be interesting. Contact the owners and take your time for a best decision.


See what's available in your area. Or where you want to relocate soon.

Stay updated with community news.

Simply useful, your custom feed will bring you news about the people you follow, inside community or in broad media.


Either anyone in your group or someone who you follow updates things in profile or inventory, you won't miss.

Audio & Video enhancement

Our editors' picks will keep you in the loop with inspirational high quality materials. Read and share!

Download the app on iPhone or Android.


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