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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

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Byebye T-Shirts giveaway!

Hello everybody, let’s push the Byebye spirit a bit further! Yes, let the fun begin! As the app started to grow, our first giveaway will be the next big thing!   We’re throwing in 2 (not 1, but 2!) Byebye […]

A flea market and a true story

  Many of you, people, have understood that decluttering should be the final frontier. Making lists in Byebye and using the STATS section in a proper way reveals where your inventory is oversized, and what you can get rid of. […]

Autumn Bonus

  Last week we launched the 2.0.5 version of the Byebye app, which brought a lot of new features in the ring. But there’s some more on the table! Check again for an update in the AppStore or on Google […]

Connecting like-minded people. Upgrade to 2.0.5

  This update (2.0.5) brings so many cool features, we don’t even know what to start with. Get yourself a coffee for the next few minutes, and get ready for the big news.   1. DEVICE NOTIFICATIONS Even if your […]

Discover other people’s inventories and get inspired

  If you are interested in what a hiker usually carries in his backpack when traveling, how a capsule wardrobe looks like in some other lady’s dressing, or you’re just curious how are the people dealing with their belongings, the […]

Share, to help the app grow

  If you read this, you probably enjoy the app. That’s why you should know that Sharing is caring is not a cliché, but a thing you can do to support the Byebye app grow.   WHY It will be rewarding […]

Byebye v2.0.4 update brings the Universal List Sharing Tool and more…

  One week before the Byebye app’s 5-month anniversary, we bring a set of cool features to enhance your experience in our beloved product. To avoid any unnecessary introduction, let’s get straight to the point.   ITEM ATTRIBUTES Now it […]

Request a feature!

  Hi there, we’re getting closer to a major update which will make the Byebye app more robust. This is a good chance for you to request a new, custom feature, and if it sticks to the app’s concept, if […]

Regrets and favorite items. How much do they weight in your inventory?

  Your inventory, in a simplified approach, may consist of 3 types of stuff: regular objects, favorites, and regretted ones. In the Byebye app, you have the opportunity to mark the last two types accordingly, to keep track of them […]

Pick yourself a cool nickname! Here’s how, why, and something more about your profile

  Hello again! Here’s everything you should know about your privacy, and how to build a nice profile in the Byebye app, without developing your real identity (unless you want to, of course).   LOGIN When you create the Byebye […]

Ever wanted to see your visual art published? This one is for you!

  Hello, everybody! One of the most appreciated sections of the Byebye app is its Homepage, because of the cool visuals that we’re exposing there.    THE CHALLENGE – GET YOURSELF PUBLISHED! If you are a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, […]

Quick add an item and view basic stats

  Hi everybody, here’s a video about how to create a new item in a category/list, defining a Price and a Purchase Date, followed by viewing some cool stats. Enjoy!

Let’s talk STATS!

Hi, everybody! If you want to get the most out of the STATS module in the Byebye app, we recommend you to focus on at least two attributes, when adding an entry (a new item): the Price and the Purchase […]

Everything you need to know to get started

Hi, all! In case you didn’t get the point yet, here’s the answer to the big question: “What can I do with the Byebye app?”. Today we’re gonna go quickly through the main features, with the promise that we’ll go […]

July brings major improvements with v2.0.2

  Sooner than expected, due to a malfunction that needed to be fixed, we come back with a major update and a set of bugs exterminated virtually from our beloved Byebye app. Check it out:   No-ti-fi-ca-tions! Don’t be surprised […]

June update available, new cool features

  Hi all, With a small delay due to what’s happening during these hard times, we proudly announce some important improvements in the app.   Enhanced filter for people’s inventories Implemented in the “People” section and accessible directly from the […]

Ready to go

Nine months ago we started this journey hoping to bring up not a perfect app but a useful tool able to empower a beautiful community. Here we go now, foreseeing just a bit of what’s next. The minimalism is a […]


  We really appreciate any kind of feedback but, to be honest, if it’s bad better keep it behind closed doors, otherwise, it can kill the app and the project itself. Send us an email, we’ll do our best to […]

Support and Collaborations

  If it’s about supporting us, you can buy us a coffee here (actually we’ll do it). Any coffee is appreciated and will keep things up and running.   Any suggestions are more than welcome, but if you think that […]

Social Media

It was a tough choice to limit social media to a unique channel but we chose Twitter for the beginning. Upon request, we can communicate wherever people will feel comfortable. Until then follow @byebyeapp on Twitter for news and announcements […]

Group Discussions

For group debates, feedback, help, bugs, suggestions, news, announcements, ideas, we’ve set up a community forum: accessible from the upper menu as well. Feel free to bookmark it and be as active as you can.

Chat channels, text and photo attachments

You can access the Byebye app‘s simple chat feature from the bottom navigation bar by clicking the Chat icon.   What we have so far a list with your Open Chats (your started discussions), in the first tab a list […]

Fans, Views

  You are somebody’s Fan if you bookmark his profile by clicking the Bookmark icon. You have a Fan when somebody bookmarked your profile. It’s that simple.   What is the difference between the Fans and Views attributes within the […]

Browsing Others’ Inventories

  By clicking on a specific user profile, you have access to almost all details: User details username photo age location profession date of registration story Inventory details: categories items Connections the profiles he considered to be interesting (might be […]

Community People

All the registered users could be found by clicking the People icon in the bottom navigation bar. The list is updated with the most recent registered users on top. If you want to search for a specific user you can […]

Open/Closed Inventory

As a new user, you start creating your online inventory by adding your items, one by one. It is a long process and you won’t finish it in a single “visit” in the Byebye app. So, until all your stuff […]

Use/Reuse an Item

  If you want to monitor the usage of an item (simply put: how many times did you use something?), every time you use it just click on the Refresh icon from the header of the Item Details page.   […]

Delete an Item

  You can Delete an item anytime, from two different screens in the Byebye app: From the Items List (within a specific Category), by clicking the 3-vertical-dots icon and choosing the Delete option From the Item Details Page, choosing the […]


  If some products in your inventory stand out definitely compared to others, you can declare them Favorite. What does that mean and what can this impact: other users will be able to see which are your beloved belongings you […]


  You can declare an item as a Regret when its acquisition did not fulfill your expectations. When declaring an Item as a Regret, a pop-up window will invite you to describe the reason for your action, as other users […]

Grouped Items (Set/Batch)

  Your inventory might consist of things with quite similar details.  Let’s say that you have 10 identical grey T-shirts. Does it really make sense to write them one by one, as 10 separate entries? Most probably not.  That’s why […]

Add/Edit Item Details

  You can Add and/or Edit Item Details at any moment, from two different screens in the Byebye app. From the Items List (within a specific Category from Invetory), by clicking the 3-vertical-dots icon and choosing the Edit option From […]

Quick Add an Item

  Adding all of the item details should take more time than you are willing to spend at a moment. That’s why you can go further with 3 minimum mandatory fields: Name, Category, and Price.   IMPORTANT: You have to […]

Rename/Delete a Category

You can Rename or Delete a Category in Byebye app.   Steps to follow: Go in Inventory by clicking the Inventory icon in the bottom navigation tab Click on the 3-vertical-dots icon in a Category tile Choose the desired action […]

Add a Category

  There are 2 ways to Add a Category in the Byebye App.   Method 1 Being anywhere in the app: Click on INVENTORY icon from the bottom navigation bar Click on the ‘+’ icon in the bottom right corner […]

Delete Your Account

  If you want to delete your account and never come back again (never say never, though) to the Byebye app, you can do it from the side navigation drawer, right about the Log Out button. All the data will […]

Reset Your Password

  Forgot your password? If you forgot your password, don’t worry, we’ll send you a link to reset it. Steps to follow: Go in the SIGN IN PAGE at the beginning of the app Choose CREATE AN ACCOUNT / SIGN […]

Add/Edit Your Personal Details

  You can benefit from all the Byebye app’s features even if you don’t add your details, but here’s why we recommend you to do so: our app mission is to generate useful insights within the community, and that’s why […]

Change Your Username

  Once successfully logged in, you’ve been assigned a username by default. As it will look strange and impersonal, you will probably want to change it.   Steps to follow: Go in Left Side Drawer by clicking the hamburger menu […]

Sign In

  Hi, we are happy that you installed the app! Here’s how you can SIGN IN:   Classic enter your email account. It won’t be made public, you’ll need it only for authentication on other devices or if you want […]