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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Let's dive directly in one one of the classic questions

Why should I add my personal details?

You can benefit from all the app’s features even if you don’t edit your details, but here’s why we recommend you to do:

  • our app mission is to generate useful insights within the community and that’s why creating an accurate profile will help other users like you. Remember, we want to get inspiration from similar people. It’s a bidirectional curiosity-driven situation. The fields you fill will define your profile you in a vague form, you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t forget that the app doesn’t use geolocation
  • we want a cool app as much as you do. By creating a cool profile you’re helping others, you’re helping the app and your profile will be more appreciated

Why should I edit my username?

Once successfully logged in, you’ve been assigned a username by default. As it will look strange an impersonal you will probably want to change it.

You can do it by following these steps.

What "Grouped Items" means?

Your inventory could contain items with quite similar details, impacting (for who cares about the numbers) the total number of items.


Let’s consider that you have 10 identical grey T-shirts, it’s obvious that it doesn’t make send to introduce them one by one in your inventory as 10 separate entries. That’s why we’ve defined the Batch feature. You choose one Name, a cumulative Price for all T-shirts and that’s it.


By default, any item is considered a singular entity, so this option is available if you click on the switcher and type the value of the Batch

What the "Used" attribute and the "Refresh" icon are good for?

If you want to monitor the usage of an item (simply put: how many times did you use something), every time you use it just click on the Refresh icon from the App Bar of the Item Details page. The Used attribute will increment

Hidden tip: We suspect some accidental clicks there and as the process should be reversible, you can long-press on that icon to decrement the value with a unit. Nice, isn’t it?


This cool feature will impact the relevance of an item for your inventory and will generate useful insights in the Statistics section

What "Closed Inventory" means?

As a new user, you start creating your online inventory by adding your items, one by one. It is a long process and you won’t finish it in a single “visit” in the Byebye app. So, until all your stuff is updated you can leave the inventory Open, as other users can see that it is not in a stable state yet.

After you finish adding your last item, turn the switcher in the Closed position. The state of inventory should stay Closed if you don’t have other items to add at a moment.

The other users will see your inventory status in your personal Tile.

Useful tip: people are more interested in the closed inventories, as they reflect better the context of a user.

What Fans and Views mean?

You are somebody’s Fan if you bookmark his profile by clicking the Bookmark icon. You have a Fan when somebody bookmarked your profile. It’s that simple.


What is the difference between the Fans and Views attributes within the app?

Someone can view your profile with or without bookmarking it, so hence the difference. We will count both Fans and Views values for further in-app insights, it will be funny and interesting at the same time.

What Highlights means?

In the Highlights tab (the 3rd tab of the People’s section) you’ll see a top of Byebye app’s users by the number of Fans.

How can I support the Byebye app?

If it’s about supporting us, you can buy us a coffee here (actually we’ll do it). Any coffee is appreciated and will keep the things up and running.


If you have a suggestion that can come together with a solution, and you can be a part of it, drop us an email. We’ve built a base, but we’ll always iterate. Always.

Where we can collaborate:

  • app development
  • graphic design
  • community management
  • social media
  • content
  • any other reasonable activity in the benefit of the app

Drop us an email! Looking forward to hearing cool things from you!