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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

Feedback to our 2020 users’ suggestions

Hi there, as the end of this year is getting closer, it’s about time to answer all your questions or suggestions sent via our first Survey.

The survey was anonymous, so we don’t know who we’re responding to, but we recommend everyone read and find out more about what is doable within the app and what’s on the roadmap.


1. Suggestion: There should be a section of the app that goes over your data comparatively with everyone else’s data. That way, everyone can get a clear idea of what they may not know about their belongings.

Answer: At this stage of development, the app gives users the possibility to find inspiration in others’ inventories, but the analytical process should be a personal approach. The categories (lists) are quite personal to be standardized. What we started to do, also, is to send some statistics backed by representative research organizations; a good example is our last notification message.



2. Suggestion: Charts

Answer: We already have the Stats section, accessible now by tapping the Chart icon in MY STATS section. Plenty of insights are available. You should only add a Price and a Date of Purchase to your items to get the most out of these charts. More info here.



3. Suggestion: Add a tab to count how many items you give away

Answer: There is a Decluttered tab in the My Stuff section, which does this job. In a nutshell, you’ll find in that tab all your deleted items, or the ones sold, swapped, or donated via our Marketplace section. See the location of the Decluttered tab in this material.



4. Suggestion: Declutter assistance… PLEASE!

Answer: 2021 will come with a proactive approach. Let’s not call it 100% assistance, but anyone will be able to set up some objectives via the Byebye app and hopefully reach the goals set. Don’t leave the boat!



5. Suggestion: Submit photos of your most useful item to get featured? 

Answer: Adding photos to items is a standard feature, and it works well now. You can also add more info to the item’s story. In addition to that, we are about to implement a set of tags for items. It will be more straightforward to put labels on your special belongings.



6. Suggestion: Future purchases

Answer: We have implemented the Wishlist in our latest update, the second tab of the My Stuff section. More info about the Wishlist here.



7. Suggestion: Weekly challenges to motivate those with difficulty letting go to make positive changes. Or other important steps!

Answer: See the answer at point 4.



8. Suggestion: Allow less input for those who aren’t obsessive about details. This app is impossible for those with ADHD.

Answer: There is one single mandatory field to add an item: the item’s name.



9. Suggestion: An “excess” list

Answer: If it’s about a sort of A.I. feature, it is hard to decide what excess means for an individual, as it’s a relative issue. We’re trying to cover this matter by sending notifications with real-live statistics. Until then, you should be able to create any list that you consider excess, like “Rarely worn,” “Hardly used,” etc.


10. Suggestion: Adding video

Answer: Interesting suggestion. Please note that Byebye is an independent app, absolutely free to use, and completely unsupported financially (by users or any other third parties). Video content will dramatically increase the efforts, so at this stage, we can’t talk about video even if we would like to.



11. Suggestion: I wish you could mark free as a price. When it shows 0, it looks like I just forgot to enter the amount paid. Also, once the photo stuff is fixed, I intend to have an extremely detailed inventory. So subcategories would be very very helpful. I’m sure you know what I mean, but just in case, like I enter “5 books” but then under that, I can photograph and name each book. If that is already a feature, I guess I would like it to be more intuitive, because I didn’t realize it was a feature

Answer: When the tags feature will be implemented, you’ll have a “gift” tag 😉 as for the subcategories, they are on the roadmap (maybe around mid-2021). As a suggestion, instead of the “5 Books” item, you should create a “Books category and add even more than 5, each of them with a title, photo, description, etc.



12. Suggestion: I would love to be able to select something as a gift instead of putting a price for some objects

Answer: Just answered that. Please see the response from point 11 🙂



13. Suggestion: Fix all of the bugs. Especially when uploading images.

Answer: Easy to say! Joke aside, the 2.0.10 update works well in terms of images if you compare it with the previous releases. Talking about photos, we messed up big time in the past, indeed, and we want to thank anyone still using Byebye, for patience.



14. Suggestion: Maybe not a new feature but sometimes inputting info is a little clunky, maybe streamlining that a little bit.
Answer: We know that we can do better than that, and with small steps, starting with the next update, the process will be more straightforward. Nice surprises are yet to come soon.



15. Suggestion: A quick-add feature where you take a pic and give a title and can either leave it at that or return later to add more

Answer: That’s what we’re talking about at point 14. Check the next update in a couple of weeks.



16. Suggestion: Please fix the bugs that happen when changing the category name.

Answer: Done (hope we’re talking about the same thing!)



17. Suggestion: Location/distance of users shown in real-time

Answer: Privacy is a real concern nowadays. There’s no need for geolocation, at least for the current set of features. If you need to find out more about anyone, you can invite that user for a conversation via the Chat section 😉



18. Suggestion: Classification tags

Answer: This should be our next move. Tags will come soon. See the responses from point 5 and 11.



19. Suggestion: Be able to export things into a spreadsheet

Answer: You can access your inventory externally via the “Share Your List” feature. Read more here.



20. Suggestion: I got this app because I wanted to focus on minimalism and be conscious of everything I owned but the app does not have a very minimalistic interface. I think it can handle to lose some of its features to highlight the more important ones

Answer: The app is rolling for quite a short time. We’re trying to collect feedback to make it better, but the users’ engagement is quite low.



21. Suggestion: Connect existing social media

Answer: You can share the app with anyone from any platform via the “Invite Your Friends” button from the left side navigation drawer. Also, visit (in any browser) and join any platform suits you better.



22. Suggestion: I’d like to have a record of items that I no longer have (an archive) and their final disposal (e.g., Worn out, broken, sold, donated, trash). Could be used to determine items that have given the most value and if there’s a pattern to what I’m wasting. my money on 😏

Answer: You now have a complete record of these items, is the “Decluttered” tab in the My Stuff section. Please see the response from point 3.



23. Suggestion: Subcategories

Answer: Please see the response for point 11.



24. Suggestion: It would be nice to have an option to keep the inventory private.

Answer: Anyone can use a random username, avatar, can leave blank the gender, age, location, so it’s as private as it could be. The app intends to be a collaborative resource.



25. Suggestion: Being able to change the order of your lists

Answer: For the moment, the default sort system is alphabetical. As a workaround, you can add numbers as a prefix to your lists to override the alphabetical criteria.



26. Suggestion: Being able to make categories (ex. clothes would have subcategories like outerwear, shirts, etc.)

Answer: Subcategories again 🙂 We’ll do this. See the response for point 11.



27. Suggestion: Being able to mark when you finish an item instead of just deleting it. also would be nice if those items were moved to a separate list not counted in your inventory

Answer: The “Decluttered” list should do this task. Please read the response from point 3, and keep in mind that you can still add notes to your decluttered items.



28. Suggestion: Being able to add more the one photo to an item

Answer: Coming up this year, a read of the response from point 10 should be relevant here.



29. Suggestion: Get notifications pertaining to recent activity (i.e., any spending, lack of activity, etc.)

Answer: In 2021, we’ll implement a set of notifications to keep you on track with your objectives. Please also read the response from point 4.



Thank you for all of your suggestions! For the vast majority that didn’t complete the survey, it is still available here.


Reach us via social media channels or direct emails; any feedback is a goldmine. Other ways to help us: tell your friends about the app, write a post on your social media account(s), and spread the word, give us hints, help us grow. Also, a 5-star review would be rewarding, as well!


Stay tuned for our last message in 2021, next week, the Byebye Awards!




PS. Accordingly to our survey, 73% of users love Byebye, and 14% so-and-so, so we’re entering 2021 from on a comfortably 87% percentage 😉