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Grouped Items (Set/Batch)


Your inventory might consist of things with quite similar details. 

Let’s say that you have 10 identical grey T-shirts. Does it really make sense to write them one by one, as 10 separate entries? Most probably not. 

That’s why we’ve introduced the Set/Batch feature. You choose one Name, a cumulative Price, and the number of all your T-shirts of the same kind, and that’s it.

This should work with socks, underwear, CDs, dishes, cutlery, and so on…


By default, any item is considered a singular entity, so this option is available if you toggle the switch and select Set/Batch.

Steps to follow:

    1. Go to My Stuff
    2. Choose a Category
    3. Add or Find your Item
    4. Edit its details
    5. Switch from 1 Unit to Set/Batch
    6. Choose the proper Value (How many)
    7. Finish (Save)

You can identify the grouped items easily in your lists (and in others’, as well). A circular badge with a counter in front of the item’s name will highlight them.