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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

Hot, hot, hot update! The Labels and Weight just landed!

Hi there! It’s been a long time since our previous update. Thank you for being with us all this time! We’re back in business with two new smashing features 🙂 Let’s get straight to the point.

Please note: if the app doesn’t behave properly after the update, we recommend uninstall and reinstall it from scratch – of course, sign in with the same credentials to access your inventory.




Why are “Labels” important?

Let’s assume you have an Umbrella in a list called “Stuff.” You can create and assign one or more labels to it without duplicating the content of your inventory.

Example: Your umbrella could be labeled as Gift, Rainy Days, and Essential for Travel as well. We have already defined a few usual labels. You can rename or delete them. You can also create your own ones.


How it works


  • When you add or edit an item, choose one or more labels.


  • You can choose from the default ones or create new labels on the same screen if needed.


  • Find all your labels in a dedicated tab, and find the content of any labels by tapping on a label.


  • Find other Byebye-ers using this feature.


Why is “Weight” important?

For backpackers, hikers, campers, bikepackers, or travelers of any kind, the individual and total weight of a packing list is essential. If you will find this feature any other use, that’s even better!


How it works


  • Add item’s weight 


  • You’ll find it on the item’s details screen.


  • It will add up to that list so you can know the cumulative weight of a list (total weight)


Bugs fixed

  • Item Usage (Plus/Minus) is properly saved now, impacting the Cost-per-Day and Cost-per-Use.
  • Alphabetically sorting for lists and items on all the screens
  • Minor adjustments all over the app (plenty)


If you encounter any problems after updating, please contact us and let us know. We’re considering it a kind of a beta release of these new features (Weight and Labels), and we’ll come up with a more stable version in a very short time, if necessary.



Until next time, have fun using the new features!