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“A magnificent personal inventory tool. Master your clutter the minimalist way!” – WIRED

Sell. Swap. Donate. Declutter.

Byebye app is now complete. You have your stuff, you have other people a click away to get inspiration, and you are on a journey towards inventory control and decluttering. We got you covered.


Introducing the Marketplace

First: the Marketplace is accessible from the bottom navigation. You have three options to get rid of your excess, unwanted or unnecessary pieces of inventory, and send them there:

  1. Sell – yes, you don’t need it anymore, but someone is looking for it. Bingo.
  2. Swap – monetizing is good, but you are OK with changing an unnecessary item with a useful one.
  3. Donation – make someone happy with a thing that still has some life in it


How can you do that

You can push your items in the Marketplace, select the appropriate option (important! you can choose both sell and swap if you want), set up a transaction value, and – Bang! – your item is in the Marketplace


Do this from any list of your items, or from the SAY BYEBYE button (see the top left corner below) in the item’s details section.

Good to know that Byebye is not a transactional platform. That means you cannot pay or be paid in the app. We’re just a networking platform. Contact, or be contacted via in-app Chat section, and from here, it’s up to you.


What exactly can you find around you?

If you remember, Byebye doesn’t use geolocation. So the only filter you can apply in the app is the Country, fair enough, in case of a transaction, to use a local (national) parcel service.

The same filter is implemented in the People section to find people in your area, not things.


Once an item is sold, swapped, or donated, please mark it accordingly to get it out of our marketplace. In the same dropdown list, you have the options to Edit its marketplace attributes or to Withdraw it from the Marketplace.


Update. Download. Rate Us.



Excited about this new feature? Don’t overthink it. Go on a cleaning spree, and start decluttering! The Byebye Marketplace is ready for some action!